Travelling with kids to Goa? Use our list of To Do’s!

Travelling with kids to Goa? Use our list of To Do’s! 19MAY

Travelling with kids to Goa? Use our list of To Do’s!

Are you on the lookout for a family holiday destination that offers plenty of entertainment, but aren’t sure how to go about it with your kids? Then, look no further than the fun state of Goa to head to with your little party animals. Parents, here is an essential list while travelling with kids. Come with us as we take you through it.


Goa being one of the most preferred holiday destination attracts different sorts of people all year round. There are places to stay in Goa to suit all budgets and types of travellers. Since you are travelling with your kids you must keep in mind to book your hotel in advance. When reserving, make sure that you go for a suite – which is more than one room and if in case it’s just a larger-than-normal room, don’t forget to ask for an extra bed. Also, make sure you check for options that are kid-friendly and provides a kid play area such as Hotel Fortune Acron Regina in Candolim, Goa.


When you have little kids travelling along with you, you definitely wouldn’t want your baggage load to be bothering you. Remember to check the weather in Goa before you start packing. Since the weather in the state is pleasant most of the times, you wouldn’t need to pack something bulky like boots, pullovers or a coat. Hence, packing multiple thin layers takes up less space and offers more flexibility than packing bulky items. If by chance you need something bulky, like a pair of sneakers or a hat wear it. Don’t pack it. Pack one week of essentials regardless of how long you will be traveling. Always keep your wardrobe simple, comfortable and interchangeable.


We all know that the sun’s rays are extremely harmful. Whether summer or winter we still need to slather on the sunscreen to help prevent our skin. Young, sensitive skin is more vulnerable to the sun’s rays, so protect your child by being sun-care savvy while enjoying at the beach in this beautiful sunshine state. Also, it is advisable to visit the beach before 10 a.m. or after 4 p.m.

Insect bites can ruin a well-planned holiday. To avoid such an instance, you’ll want to ensure that your child is protected against pesky insect bites. Make sure you carry along an insect repellent cream to beat the insects and keep your kids safe from bites.

*Consult your paediatrician before applying any sunscreen and insect repellent creams on your baby’s skin.


Ideally, the best way to go around and see everything that Goa has to offer is on a two-wheeler. Nevertheless, since it’s not just you and your spouse that are travelling but your kids too, we suggest you rent a car or taxi instead. The roads in the state are well-maintained, less crowded and safe, so driving around isn’t a hassle. If you plan on driving around, make sure you carry your driving license and all the required documents. For those of you who prefer relaxing and admiring nature at its best while travelling, you can always choose to rent a taxi. Ask the hotel you’re residing in to help you with finding the best taxi deals.


When in a new place away from home, food always becomes a major concern. You are definitely wondering if you will get the right food for your little one. While in Goa the cuisine is a merger of traditional Konkani ingredients and Portuguese cooking styles and recipes. Fish curry with rice is the staple food in the state. While on the go, pack enough of snacks for yourself and the kids such as fruits, biscuits or sandwiches to survive the day. In case of an infant pack a portion or two of the regular baby food you would usually feed your child. Children are particularly prone to dehydration, mostly because they don't drink unless they feel thirsty. So, don’t forget to carry plenty of water along with you and may be some juices too.