Most tourists flock to the land of sun, sand and sea when the weather is perfect to visit the beach and Goa is buzzing with activity. At the same time, it is definitely worth visiting this small state when its most green and beautiful during the monsoon season - the period between June to September. Though Goa faces an off-season during this time, the state does not completely close as such for the monsoon. But is just a lot more quiter than in season time.

Visiting Goa during the off-season would mean:

  • Choppy seas and unfavourable wind conditions which are definitely not favourable for swimming
  • Water sport activities are on a low along the beach belts
  • No-selfie zones incorporated along the beaches of North and South Goa
  • Way fewer parties in town

But nevertheless, Goa has so much more to offer during this time:

  • Mesmerizing sights of flowing streams of water all around
  • The greenest of green fields; most with rice paddy
  • Great deals on luxury accommodation and travelling
  • Less touristy; not over-crowded


May to September is considered as the off-season period in Goa. May is usually unbearably humid and hot. The rains typically tend to hit Goa only by early to mid-June and is extended until September. Many guest houses and restaurants close down for the rainy season so don’t just pick a place and show up as it might not be open. It’s best to call first and book online in advance if you are coming to Goa during the monsoon.

Goa’s peak tourist months are from December to February while the season starts from October and goes on until April.


Goa receives plenty of downpours during the monsoon season just like any other coastal region. The reality is that the monsoon is very unpredictable. It could be a brief drizzle, heavy rain, moderate rain, and on some days, there is a chance of a thundershower as well. While there will be a few days that are dry and sunny too. During the monsoons, the days are hot and humid, while the nights are cool and pleasant. The wind can pick up quickly when there is a cloud cover.

Pro Tip: During the monsoon, Goa witnesses a swimming ban from June to September. If you are visiting the beach during the monsoon season, make sure you visit a lifeguarded beach. Also, do not venture into the water as the weather and sea conditions are unfavourable for swimming.


  • Dudhsagar Falls: Goa’s iconic Dudhsagar falls is in its full glory during the rains which is one of the most amazing monsoon activities to do in Goa in September. Its powerful gush becomes almost dizzying! You can reach the falls either by road or train through Panaji or Margao. And if you would like you could also trek up the falls.

  • Chapora Fort: The haunting beauty of the Chapora fort and the Vagator beach makes it some of the best places to visit in Goa during the monsoon. There are other forts as well which are great to visit but Chapora definitely makes it to the top of the list when it’s all cloudy and beautiful.

  • Wildlife Sanctuaries: The wildlife sanctuaries are definitely the best places to visit in Goa in the monsoon. Unlike other places, the reserves here are open throughout the year. To witness fresh, green and pristine milieu washed in the rain is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Some of Goa’s popular wildlife sanctuaries include Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary, The Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary, Mollem National Park and Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary.

  • Savoi Spice Plantations: The spice plantations are no less refreshing and pristine, washed up in the Goan torrents. The Savoi spice plantation is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Goa during the monsoon. It can be reached through a serene drive along the verdant valley and tropical forests.

To conclude, Goa never really goes on a holiday. The aura that Goa exhibits during the rains is heavenly. Come rain or shine, the pearl of the orient remains open 365 days a year.