5 steps to start your holiday!



Step 1: Decide on the destination

But…How do you decide?

Surf the internet. Browse travel websites. Talk to people. Watch TLC or Fox Life if you feel that helps the decision making process.

What to decide?

The destination that suits your preference and taste is usually the way to go. If you like to observe nature, serene skies or mesmerizing oceans - then it has to be a beach holiday/getaway. If you like to see the history , old monuments, different religion and culture - then it has to be a heritage holiday. These one-off kind of trips usually come in special offers by Travel guides as a way of introducing tourists to the lesser known marvels of the destination. Whichever way you look at it, a holiday is a holiday and it is the one time of the year you should really look out for!

(TIP) One smart move is to club 2-3 destinations together. They can be done based on their geographic location or as a combination of beach+city holiday or anything like that. Who says you can’t have fun and learn at the same time!

That is about 25% of your work done right there. Onto the next step!

And Today We Have…?

How many days you'll be staying in each city. How you'll go from one city to another city. Which city you should be spending more time. What are major attractions in each city. These questions populate the mind of travellers all around and should rightly be tackled in the early stages of planning.

Also you can see already made packages which are provided by makemytrip or tripadvisor. These packages know exactly what most tourist like yourselves would want to see or be interested in hence these will cater to the likings of ever first time vist to a location.

50% job done.

To Budge or not!

Once you have decided on destination(s), time to decide on the budget. Budget will involve Fixed Expenses and Variable Expenses.

Fixed Expenses covert expenses like Flights/Trains/Any mode of transport, Visa costs and Travel Insurances, Intercity transfers etc and sadly leave you no room to bargain with. Unless you are able to grab some last minute deals that tend to have all these bundled into one.

Walking around money or Variable Expenses (if you want to be technical about it) is always good to have… “fancy that blindingly colourful and oversized Hawaiian shirt? Would go great with those trendy cream colored sandals you got on? What do you mean you don’t have any fast cash on you? So what if you’re on a holiday! All the more reason for you to carry a handful around!” You see how this scene plays out right? So best if you avoid it.

Do yourself a favour. Carry some around. Spend your time worrying about what should you buy rather than where the next ATM is.

Step 4: Start to book now

Take 2 weeks buffer. Go on to any of your preferred travel websites and set yourself down to thoroughly study what each and every offer is about especially if you fancy the quick route to your holiday. Lots of flights offer deals around the holiday times and tend to throw a lot of great grabs so look out for these! And when you finally zone in on a deal that beats the others, click that button. Flights are done now.

See hotels you'll be staying in. TripAdvisor is the world’s No.1 Go-to website in terms of gathering information on just about everything that you could possibly want to know about your stay. It is also highly recommended to read the reviews on the destinations your set out for.

Hotels done too.

Step 5: Browse. Browse and Browse!

This step is a repeat on Step 4 but it cannot be stressed enough that browsing around before heading out for your next holiday venture is a must. There is nothing better than taking a well-earned break either by yourself or with loved ones and to go out someplace new and exotic is the thrill of it all!